There are all sorts of different ways to play Dungeon Realms, and a vast array of milestones to reach as you progress. To help you recognise the distance that you've come during your journey through Andalucia, there are a number of achievements that you will be rewarded with, be that for exploring a new area, using a powerful new weapon, or finally starting to make some serious money! In some cases, achievements follow a path, and in others, they are completely standalone. Either way, they add a fun new measurement of completion, and perhaps in the future they'll also prove some neat rewards!

NOTE: When first implemented, the achievements were visible on your character's page (accessible via the website). Unfortunately, this page no longer exists and so - without keeping a record yourself - there is no way to tell which achievements you have been awarded, though they will still show up in-game when you do receive them.

List of Achievements

[Will be added following addition of new achievements at the start of Beta]