Al Sahra
Savannah Large
Parent Location: Andalucia
Co-Ordinates: (-1318,520)
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Primary Zone: Chaotic
Inhabitants: Zombies, Skeletons

Savannah Thumbnail

A render of Al Sahra

Al Sahra is a savannah region that lies North West of Cyrennica. It was implemented at the same time as the Dreadwood, in the second map-expansion of Dungeon Realms, and is a more PvP-oriented area than its swamp counterpart. In addition to the peaceful town of Tripoli, Al Sahra contains three fortified structures, that are intended to be claimable by guilds in a later update. In addition to the above-ground mob encampments, there exists a complex series of catacombs beneath the grassland, with a number of powerful and unique monsters. 




Al Sahra Map View

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