Armor is a large part of Dungeon Realms, as we do not use a leveling system. Armor works on random stats that have a Armor/DPS stat, HP stats and a HP regen/Energy regen stat. As well as any other random attribute that has been generated for that individual piece. As you progress in the tiers of armor, there is more chance that the higher tierd armor will have better average stats. Armor is like a leveling system, when people see you around, they will look for your HP/armor Tier to see if they are capeable to fight back or run.


There are 5 different tiers of armour.

  • Tier 1 - Leather  
  • Tier 2 - Chainmail
  • Tier 3 - Iron
  • Tier 4 - Diamond
  • Tier 5 - Gold

Higher tiers generally have better DPS / Armor stats as well as higher HP, and commonly Attributes.

Tiers have a massive influence on the price of an item, due to rarity. A T3 item with very high end stats could have the same HP as a T4 item with very low end stats. This is not commonly the case but despite the higher repair costs for higher tiered items. The T4 would generally sell for more.

Armor Attributes


Armor has special attributes, this consist of Vitality, Dexterity and Strength. This all have individual effect.

  • Vitality - More health and sword damage.
  • Dexterity - More dodge percentage, bow damage, critical damage and armor penertration.
  • Strength - More armor, axe damage and block percentage

The max stats for each piece depend on the armor type, T1 armor has a low chance to have a special attribute as were T5 is much more common.

Piece of armor

Armor Stats

Each piece of armor has a chance to have a special stat, these stats help will all help you in combat:

  • Dodge - Chance to dodge any incomming damage.
  • Reflecion - Chance to reflect any incomming damage and do the same back.
  • Thorns - Chance to dodge any incomming damage and hit back.
  • Block - Chance to block any incomming damage.

Armor Resistances

Resistances was added in patch 1.8. This created three types of Elemental Resistances for Armor.

The three types are listed below:

  • Posion Resistance - Less damage and effect from the Poison atribute
  • Ice Resistance - Less damage and effect from the Ice atribute
  • Fire Resistance - Less damage and effect from the Fire atribute

The Resistances gives a percentage of damage reduction for both Mobs & Players. It wil be extremely vital for defeating certain mobs and raiding dungeons in the future.