The Frozen North
Avalon Thumbnail
Parent Location: Andalucia
Co-Ordinates: (-841,-621)
Difficulty: Medium-High
Primary Zone: Wilderness
Inhabitants: Daemons

Avalon Large

A render of the Frozen North

The Frozen North is the largest territory in Andalucia and, with the exception of Maltai, the most dangerous. It is also the most recent map expansion to have been implemented by the World Development team. The Frozen North (and specifically the Lost City of Avalon) is very popular with high level players, as it is an excellent location for farming Tier V gear, though this makes it a hotspot for PvP combat. 

Although it is one of the areas furthest from the portal in Maltai, it is possibly the worst-affected by the Ember War. The tribe that once resided within the Frozen North has been completely wiped out, and so you will not find many friendly NPCs on your journey there, only Daemons and hostile Golems. 







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