Crystal buffs

While adventuring through the vast lands of andalucia you may come across a floating crystal. When hit they give you temporary enhancements to aid you in your journey. Though some may be lackluster others can really benefit you for a short period of time. Every buff lasts for 90 seconds each.

List of buffs
Jump boost
Water breathing
Damage resistance
Damage increase
Night vision
Instant health (50%)
Instant health (100%)

Loot Chests

Various chests are placed among the enemies of andalucia. These are loot chests. Loot chests can be opened or simply punched to retrieve their goods. Each chest tier is determined usually by what mobs spawn around them. Chests surrounded by T1 will often give food and T1 enchants. This applies similarly to all other chests with their respective tier of mob around. Some chests however, may give better loot due to being hidden in certain locations or because an elite is near them. Almost all chest that have Tier 3 enemies or higher surrounding them have a chance to spawn an orb of alteration or a T5 scroll. ALL loot chests do have a chance to contain a mystical Realm Chest. These can be placed in your personal realm to store various items.

List of items found in loot chests
Soup / bowls
Melon slices
Pumpkin pie
All teleport books
All enchantment scrolls
Orb of alteration
Normal / Splash potions up to Tier 4