Crest Watch viewable from the map.

Crest Watch is a town located in the Frozen North. It is the only Safe Zone until the player reaches Crestguard Keep. There is a merchant here, and a bank chest. Currently, there are no teleportation books to Crest Watch, but they may be added in the future.


Crest Watch is in the middle of the Frozen North. Around the safe zone, T2 and T3 mobs are scattered about. Traveling to Crest Watch should be easy for anyone in good T2 armor, and up. In a few of the nearby caves, T4 can spawn, so be careful when adventuring.

Very close to Crest Watch is the Infernal Abyss, the only T4 Dungeon on the map. This Dungeon is not recommended for new players.

Future Uses

A teleport book may be added into the game in order to teleport to Crest Watch. It currently has the award for the most Unvisited Safe Zone.