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City: Crestguard
Tier: 3-4 (Surrounding Areas)
Zone: Safe-Zone
Coordinates: (-1573, -497)

During a time of peace and prosperity, tribes roamed throughout Crestguard and made it their home. In addition, they constructed the Avalon Keep. When the Ember War broke out, the tribe retreated into the keep and sealed themselves away. The tribe was wrong when they thought that the Daemon forces would be unable to breach the lost city and enter it. The forces of Gorgath managed to break through the gate and effectively purge the entire of the city, bar those that were able to escape. They then took it over, and for a long time none dared venture there in fear of what might be lurking there. Most of the lost city is entirely overrun but the monsters that invaded it do not leave due to the defeat of their masters at Maltai


Crestguard is the second safezone within Avalon Peaks to the West, being the last area players see before going into the depths of the Lost City of Avalon.  

Points of Interest

Here you can find: 

  1. A bank, with bank chests
  2. A large forge with anvils to repair  gear
  3. An amazing ice castle 
  4. Merchant and animal tamer
  5. Residencies built within the mountains
  6. A high tier fishing spot under the castle bridge

This is a good resting spot for those preparing to peril the depths of the underground.