CrystalPeak Tower


The Crystalpeak Tower is an immensely large tower which you can trekk your way to deep in Jagged Rocks. This gargantuan tower is full of monsters to slay and conquer. It is a chaotic zone so beware as PVP is popular around this area. This place is only recommended for high tier players, as this place contains tier 4 and tier 5 mobs.


This breathtaking structure is located in the heart of Jagged Rocks , you can easily get there from Trollsbane Tavern (Lazy Skeleton Tavern) by using a teleport scroll, or you can hike your way there through Jagged Rocks.


The Tower used to contain T5 Elites, however they were taken out due to T5 being too easy to obtain.


The mobs of this place range from tier 2-5, mob tiers gradually increase as you rise in the tower. This tower does contain T4 elites so be prepared. Before going into this area it is highly recommended that you have the appropiate gear for handling these devastating mobs. You should at the very least have full tier 4 gear before even thinking about going to the upper floors, and even then you will need a group.


Since this tower is one of the only places where tier 4 elites and tier 5 mobs can spawn, many high tiered players come here in groups to farm. The most popular farming spot is near the top of the tower just after you exit the maze. Players usually run all the way to the top to farm the chests that spawn there as well as the ones in the room below and in the maze.

Points of Interest

One of the many hotspots of this castle is the treacherous maze. The maze acts as a barrier between tier 4 and tier 5 spawn points. You need to get through the maze to get up to the top of the tower where tier 5 mobs spawn. Inside of the maze tier 4 and tier 5 mobs may spawn. You better watch out in the maze, as there are traps along the way that will send you spiraling down to the floor below, and if you are unlucky you may disturb the tier 4 elite that spawns there.