Cyrennica Palace

Cyrennica Palace
Cyrennica Palace
City: Cyrennica
Inhabitants: King Bulwar
Coordinates: (-150, 389)

The mighty palace of Cyrennica stands atop the tallest point in the city, upon the cliffside next to the ocean. Built by Theologian and completed in the year 120AMi, the palace has seen three kings; Theologian, Sunstrider, and Bulwar (the current King of Cyrenncia). 

The palace held the Meeting of the 12 Tribes in the year 330Ami following the abdication of King Theologian, and served as the home of Sunstrider during the Ember War.

To this day, none of the forces of Gorgath and Akatan have been able to reach the keep, however it is rumoured that in anticipation for an attack by Gorgath should he ever return, King Bulwar had a number of hidden passages dug beneath the palace shortly after his ascention to the throne, so that should the palace ever come under siege, all would not be lost.

The interior of the palace contains only a few rooms, with most of the towers being sealed off to visitors, and only accessible by Bulwar and those he trusts.

The majority of the palace is in fact one large throne room, spanning the entirity of the length and most of the width of it, with a throne at the East end and the entrance to the keep at to the West. King Bulwar can usually be found sitting stop the throne accompanied by Rajahi (the captain of his guards) and Alemun (his advisor and close friend).

Other than the Throneroom, there are two other areas of the palace that are accessible to visitors - the Library, and the Wizards' tower. The Library can be found by looking left of the Throneroom whilst on the balcony at the West side of the palace, and the Wizards' tower by going into the Northern Wing of the palace and up the stairs.

The Cyrennica Dungeon

The entrance to the Cyrennica Dungeon is located behind the fountain inside the gates of the keep. There are fourteen cells in the dungeon, and contain only the most notorious criminals to be captured by the Cyrennican guards. Those who are jailed there are rarely released, and should they decide against confessing their crimes, they are taken into the interrogation room to be 'questioned'.