The Deadpeaks
Bandit Camp
Parent Location: Andalucia
Co-Ordinates: (-1560,784)
Difficulty: Medium-High
Primary Zone: Chaotic
Inhabitants: Bandits, Daemons

Dungeon Realms ~ Developer Diary 3 ~ Maltai & The dead peaks

Dungeon Realms ~ Developer Diary 3 ~ Maltai & The dead peaks

The Deadpeaks are a series of moutains to the Southwest of the Plains of Cyrene, which surround the city of Maltai. The areas here are almost entirely chaotic, and so the Deadpeaks server as an excellent spot of PvP combat, with guilds often waiting in the mountain encampment for players to kill. The Deadpeaks (and Maltai) were built as part of the original map, and are designed to be the location of the two endgame Dungeons (where the player will face Akatan and then Gorgath). In addition to being a good place to farm medium-level mobs, the Deadpeaks are an excellent location to mine Tier III (iron) ore. 


When the twelve tribes initially migrates to Andalucia, many were hesitant to enter the Deadpeaks, as the terrain was treacherous and it was an excellent area for bandits to ambush unwary travellers. It was the Navu tribe that recognised that not only did the mountains provide an excellent defense from outside attack, but they were also very rich in minerals.

Initially, a small mountain settlement was constructed, but as the tribe expanded, it was decided that a great city would be built - one to rival the newly-constructed city of Cyrennica. Many mines were dug all across the Deadpeaks in order to acquire the resources to construct the city - which was to be named Maltai. In the eyes of the Navu tribe (and indeed many of the Andalucians), the pearly-white city was a masterpiece, and whilst not as large as Cyrennica, it soon became the cultural centre of Andalucia. Embracing this, the Navu tribe also constructed Hollowburg, a huge archive of everything that the Andalucians knew, at one edge of the Deadpeaks.

The mountain range remained a peaceful place right up until the Ember War, but following the destruction of Maltai, and the virtual annihilation of the Navu tribe, the Andalucians completed abandoned the area. Now, the outskirts are held by bandits who reside in the nearby encampments, whilst Maltai and the inner reaches of the Deadpeaks are infested with the dark creatures of the Daemon Lord Gorgath, making it one of the most treacherous places in Andalucia.


Deadpeak Map View

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The Deadpeaks areas is unique in that is it the only region in Andalucia that does not contain a single Safe zone - with both of the settlements (Maltai and the Mountain Village) being chaotic. Due to its location as an endgame region, much of the inner area is chaotic. The outskirts of the Deadpeaks - where the Tier II and Tier III mobs are located - is partially Wilderness, making it a reasonable location to farm if the player does not wish to engage in PvP, however the higher-level mobs are all located in chaotic zones.



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