The Dreadwood
Gloomy Thumbnail
Parent Location: Andalucia
Co-Ordinates: (-591,-4)
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Primary Zone: Wilderness
Inhabitants: Naga

Gloomy Large

A render of the Dreadwood

North of Cyrennica lies a vast swampland that is inhabited by the native Naga, all of whom are ruled by Blayshan. The Dreadwood, like DarkOak, does not contain many intrusive settlements, with the tribe residing in the small town of Gloomy Hollows. This allowed them to live in relative harmony with the native Naga, provided that the Andalucians constructed a number of temples dedicated to Blayshan within the swampland. If the player visits the enourmous tree within the centre of the Dreadwood, they can find Blayshan there, looking out across his territory.




Gloomy Hollows Map View

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