Dungeons are an integral aspect of Dungeon Realms, tying both into the gameplay and the lore of the server. All Dungeons are carefully designed by the build team and the development team to provide a unique and interesting experience that challenges the player more than any other area of the game.

There are currently 3 playable dungeons within the game, with more currently in development. Each Dungeon is based around a single tier of gameplay, however the mobs are usually much more challenging than other enemies of their tier, as a Dungeon is designed with a full party of 8 in mind.


Initiating the Dungeon

An instanced Dungeon Run can only be started by a party leader, and this is done by entering through the designated Dungeon entrance (these can be found on the relevant Wiki pages or the official server map. Any other player attempting to enter a Dungeon without the party leader initiating will be turned away. Once the party leader has initiated the Dungeon Run, however, any member of the party can follow them into the instance. It should be noted that entering a Dungeon for the first time in a given run will teleport you to the beginning of the instance, however joining after this will teleport the player to the party leader's location. There is a restriction to the number of instances that can be opened up on each shard, so if you are unable to create a new instance, switching shards might be your best bet.

Death Within the Dungeon

Dying withing the Dungeon will apply the same death penalties as dying within the main world (and it should be noted that Dungeons cannot be entered whilst Chaotic). The player will be teleported to Cyrennica on death but can still re-enter the dungeon through the instance entrance.

Exiting the Dungeon

There are a few main ways to exit a Dungeon instance.

  • Completing the Dungeon by defeating the Dungeon boss will cause the dungeon loot to drop and countdown timer to begin. At the end of the countdown, all players will be teleported back to the Dungeon entrance.
  • Dying within the instance will teleport you out of the Dungeon.
  • Leaving the party whilst inside the Dungeon will also teleport you out.
  • In certain Dungeons (such as the Infernal Abyss) falling from the world will also teleport you out of the Dungeon.

It should be noted that if all players exit the Dungeon, the instance will reset and all progress will be lost, so players must be careful that they are not wiped.

Playable Dungeons

Dungeon Difficulty

Dungeon Name

Boss Name

Tier I Bandit Trove Mayel the Cruel
Tier III Varenglade Burick the Fanatic
Tier IV The Infernal Abyss Infernal Abyss

There are also a number of WIP Dungeons, including The Depths of Aceron and The Crimson Monastery.

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