Elemental mobs

Mobs have a random chance to spawn with elemental powers, which changes the type of damage that they deal. Mobs that deal elemental damage (ice/fire/poison) ignore 80% of the target's armor, and mobs that do pure damage ignore all of the target's armor. Players can protect against elemental damage by wearing armor that has elemental resistance.

The Elements

The elements that mobs can have are determined by the type of mob they are.

  • Wolves - Ice Damage
  • Bandits - Poison Damage
  • Iron Golems - Ice Damage
  • Zombies - Fire Damage
  • Skeleton - Pure Damage
  • Wither - Pure Damage
  • Trolls - Poison Damage
  • Goblins - Fire Damage
  • Naga - Ice Damage
  • Tripoli Soldier - Pure Damage
  • Lizardmen - Fire Damage


Mobs will also use different skills that deal massive damage. If a mob is attacked, there is a chance that it will start preparing to use a skill. The healthbar of the mob will turn purple, and purple particles will be given off during the charging phase. There are currently 3 different skills in the game.

  • Power Strike - Melee mobs will start charging this attack if hit, and will deal 3x damage when fully charged.
  • Triple Shot - Archers will start charging after being attacked. When fully charged, it will fire 3 arrows at once ( or 1 arrow that deals triple damage)
  • Whirlwind - Only elite mobs can use this skill. The mob will spin and a large cloud will appear around it. When fully charged, players within a 3 block radius will be hit with great force.