Elite under the Harrison's Field well

Elites are mobs with glowing armor with a particle effect and have much more hp than regular mobs. They also have a very high (75%) drop chance. There are only elites for tiers 1-4, the tier 5 elite was taken out due to it being too easy to get tier 5 armor. Usually if you are the same tier as an elite it will be too hard to solo.


Elites can be found in most dangerous areas of the game. Most of the high tired elite spawns are located in areas such as Crystalpeak Tower and Maltai, although some low tired elites spawn in areas such as the Well inside of Harrisons Field.

Tier Elite Locations Found
Tier 1 Around the Plains of Cyrene, Harrisons Field
Tier 2 Darkoak Forest, Tripoli, Al Sahra, Gloomy Hollows
Tier 3 Deadpeaks, Maltai, Tripoli, Al Sahra
Tier 4 Maltai, Crystalpeak Tower
Tier 5 Avalon Keep: the Lost City