Fishing is the second profession to be added to Dungeon Realms. Players can purchase a Fishing Rod from a Skill Trainer, who can be found in various safe locations throughout Andalucia. 

What is Fishing?

Placed across the lands there are lakes and rivers, some are higher Tierd then the next depending on what area you are fishing in, these can be fished with a fishing rod of the corresponding tier or higher. Each time you catch an fish, you gain experience. Once you get enough experience, your fishing rod will level up, to its next level. Fishing rods upgrade in tier every 20 levels, and they also gain a random buff. There are currently five Tiers of catchable fish. 

Teir XP Gained Hunger Gained Locations
1 250-350 10% Plains Of Cyrene
2 450-550 20% Gloomy Hollows
3 800-1000 30% Gloomy Hollows
4 ? 40% Gloomy Hollows Tree
5 ? 50%? ?

Rod Attributes

Every 20 levels your fishing rod will either gain a attrivute or upgrade an old one. The attributes include:

  • Double Catch - A chance to get two fish from one cast
  • Triple Catch - A chance to get three fish from one cast
  • Treasure Find - A chance get Orbs/armor from catching a fish
  • Durability - Increases the maximum durability on your fishing rod by a random amount
  • Catching Success - Increases the chance of successfully catching a fish

Type of Fish

Tier Name Description
T1 Shrimp A raw and pink crustacean
T1 Anchovie A small blue, oily fish
T1 Crayfish A lobster-like and brown crustacean
T2 Carp A Large, silver-scaled fish
T2 Herring A colourful and medium-sized fish
T2 Sardine A small and oily green fish
T3 Salmon A beautiful jumping fish
T3 Trout A non-migrating Salmon
T3 Cod A cold-water, deep sea fish
T4 Lobster A Large, red crustacean
T4 Tuna A large, sapphire blue fish
T4 Bass A very large and white fish
T5 Shark A terrifying and massive predator
T5 Swordfish An elongated fish with a long bill
T5 Monkfish A flat, large, and scary-looking fish

Random Fish Buffs

Every fish you catch has a chance to have one or more buffs. The buffs include:

  • Strengh - Increases your damage output
  • Block - Increases your chance to block any incomming damage
  • Swiftness - Increases your traveling speed 
  • Night Vision - You can see clearly in the dark
  • Armor - Decreases the amount of damage taken
  • Life Steal - Increases your percentage of life steal when dealing damage
  • Regeneration - Progressively regenerates some of your health over time
  • Instant Health - Instantly regenerates some of your health
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