Fishing village2


The fishing village was a peaceful village that made a living off of marketing fish. It soon meet its fate when trolls started to come from the inner depths of the forest to over take the village. No one knows what happened to the residents of the village. Whether they fled or fought only the bank teller may know. In the recent update, the merchant has been removed from the Fishing Village.


There are T1 and T2 trolls around the town and a Elite T2 wild wolf in the middle of the lake. There are both a Merchant and a Bankteller located in the towns "safe area". The safe area is located on the North east side of the village.


There is a T2 fishing spot located near the west side and east side of the village, as well as some small T3 fishing areas around the lake.

Fishing village

The fishing village to the east of cyrennica (shot with sonic ether's unbelievable shaders mod) By BabyDew