Frozen North

Frozen North
Location: Frozen North
Zone: A mix of all three.
Inhabitants: Daemons, Imps, Skeletons
Tier: 3-5
Coordinates: (-841, -621)

The Frozen North is a series of settlements and mountain peaks which make up the North portion of Andalucia. The Frozen North includes, but is not limited to Crestguard, Avalon, Crest Watch, and Avalon Peaks. It has vast ice Forests with expansive underground Dwarven architecture hidden from the aerial observer. It is one of the most unexplored regions of Andalucia, mainly because of the hesitance of most of the adventurers, for many of its mysteries are still to be uncovered. The Frozen North is Wilderness for the most part, although Crestguard, the overworld city, is a safe-zone. In the icey forests, there are Daemons and Skeletons that hide in waiting for the weak group of adventurers who happen to come across them.