Gloomy Hollows Tree

Gloomy Hollows

The swamp of Andalucia. A nasty, foul smelling area inhabited by Lizardmen.

Mob/Combat Around the Area

This place isn't something to take lightly. Come prepared to fight something that is very dangerous and potentially high tiered.

The swamp has various tiers of all shapes and sizes. Ranging from Tier 1 all the way to a Tier 5 Lizardmen, or Naga.

Safe/Chaotic/Wilderness Zones

There are verious zones all around the swamp of Gloomy Hollows. There are places, however, that should be approached with precaution.

The "Giant Tree" that is feautred in the picture to the top right is one of these precautioned places. The tree is almost all Chaotic and isn't something that should be entered with low tier gear. The various floors of the tree display many different tiers ranging from 1-5. The very top hold the T5 Lizardmen, which can be a quite difficult task to take on. The floors of the tree are also almost all Chaotic, making them somewhat of a risk to players.

If you were to say, find a teleport book that had a teleport to "Gloomy Hollows," then you can avoid all the Lizardmen and be teleported directly into the city of Gloomy Hollows. The city, however, can hold some secrets that could decieve you. The city itself is a Safe Zone, making it impossibly to love health and get attacked by anything foreign. There is, however, a interesting ladder in the city that leads to the diamond mine under the city, featuring a nice set of T4's along with some nice loot chests. 

Almost all of the swamp itself is not Chaotic, but rather Wilderness. The wilderness is a place where mobs can spawn but players cannot attack you. This is also a nice place to farm some T1-T3 mobs. Especially the places surrounding the area of the coal mine near the Plains of Cyrene

Overall, this place doesn't pose much of a threat to PvP'ing but rather a great place to farm some mobs.


There are currently a lot of places to start the mining expeirence around Gloomy Hollows. To start off, there is a spectatular Coal mine in the entrance to the area. As well as a huge area to mine iron around the left side of the actual city itself. 

To mine diamond, however, is where it gets tricky. One of the best places to actually mine the diamond is underneath the city itself. However, it is highly inhabited by T4 mobs and T3's. Making it somewhat a struggle to mine to diamond. Along with the amount of diamond ore being down there, there is a sinlge block of gold ore. 

Overall, the area regarding the swamp is a great place to mine to level up your pickaxe.

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