Gloomy Hollows' Big tree is a vast tree located in the Dreadwood swamp. It's located nearby to Gloomy Hollows, and inside the tree it can spawn anything from Tier 2 to Tier 5 Naga mobs, which is what the tree has been overtaken by. It's not recommended to go alone or in low end gear such as Tier 2, as the high spawnrate and

Gloomy Hollows Tree, outside

frequent amount of high-end players is highly dangerous. A Tier 5 will only spawn every so often, usually when the player enters their realm, or teleports away. Then when the player or another player goes back to the Tier 5 spawn spot,  the Tier 5 mob will spawn. On the top floors, Tier 4 mobs are frequent, as well as Tier 3 mobs. On the lower floors, Tier 3 and Tier 2 mobs will spawn. The "mobs" usually come in the Naga form.

The coordinates are x: -350 and z: -140.  It is easy to access and walk from Cyrennica and a very short walk after teleporting to Gloomy Hollows.


The tree itself is a Chaotic zone, which is a PvP area; so players will be able to attack you and you will be able to attack them. Be careful, death risk is very high as high-end players are frequent in the tree, mainly so they can kill the Tier 5 Naga. Tier 4 armour is strongly recommended. 

People generally stand in the top of the tree which is the hotspot for Tier 4 and Tier 5 Nagas. Always be wary when farming, because players (and mobs!) can really sneak up on you! 
T3 Mob

A Tier 3 Naga archer in an upper level of the tree.

Also remember that when you kill a player, you will get the Chaotic Alignment

Chests and Loot

Inside the tree, there are a large number of loot chests scattered around, and they can contain Tier 2, Tier 3 and maybe Tier 1 loot. This includes weapons, armour, enchantment scrolls, gems, potions and food! Chest loot varies what floor you found the chest on, for example if the chest was found on the top floor, it would be likely to be Tier 3 loot or possibly Tier 4 loot. Drop rates from mobs are the same as anywhere else, there is no exact revealed drop rate for any mob. Note that Tier 4 and Tier 5 drop rates are much rarer. 

A loot chest at the Tier 5 hotspot at the top of the tree.