Harrisons Field
City: Harrisons Field
Status: Small village in the Plains of Cyrene
Tier: Tier 1
Zone: Safezone & Warzone & Wilderness
Inhabitants: Bandits

Harrisons Field is a small broken and ruined town that remains after the Battle over Harrisons that was once won by the Heros of Andalucia.


Harrison's Field is located southwest from Cyrennica. You can get there quickly by foot. It is likely you will encounter a Chaotic Zone if you walk straight there. Alternatively, you can access Harrisons Fields by means of a Teleportation Scroll. Harrisons is the Safe-Zone between Cyrennica and the Darkoak Forest.

The Harrisons Battle

-Needs Written Lore-


One of the reasons that Harrison's Field is so popular with new players is because of the tier 1 farming spots in the surrounding areas. Although Harrison's Field is a Safe-Zone there is a Wilderness below the well where two tier 1 elites spawn. Outside of the village behind the merchant you will be able to venture into more ruins where there still remains a few Tier 1 Bandits.

Low Tier Shops

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There are many tier 1-2 shops inside of Harrison's Field that sell a variety of things 

including food, armor, and scraps. Harrison's Field is the second biggest marketing hotspot, Cyrennica is the first. Because of the fact there is a bank nearby, you will find that Harrisons Field is a great place for business. Often times many players have opened their realms here with the intent to purchase the many wares of Harrisons.


Harrison's Field is a good spot to begin farming coal, there are many veins of it surrounding the area and there is one vein inside of it even. There are also some emerald ore veins near Harrison's Field as well. Ore nodes are abundant in Harrison and are scattered throughout the region. You won't find a tier 3 ore in Harrisons however, as it is a T1-T2 Zone. While you can purchase a pickaxe from the Skill Trainer, you might be able to find higher tiered pickaxes in Player Owned Shops around the area. It's suggested that you browse the shops before purchasing an unleveled pickaxe, provided that you have the coin.


Harrison's Field has a Merchant and bank located on the southern side of the area. There are 11 chests located in and around Harrison's Field, these loot chests usually contain food, tier 1 items, and tier 1 potions. In addition to these amenities, there is also a Skill Trainer and an Anvil for you to repair your equipment. The Skill Trainer will allow you to purchase a pickaxe, which is useful in Harrison as there is an abundance of ores.