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Bulwar, the Third King of Cyrennica

King Bulwar, sometimes known as Bulwar the Stoic, is the third King of Cyrennica, and the current ruler.

He can be found within his palace East of the central plaza alongside his advisor, Alemun. 


The details of Bulwar's origins are somewhat hazy, however what is known is that for a long time, he was Sunstrider's apprentice and closest advisor.

Bulwar himself rarely mentions his own background but it is assumed that he was a member of the Navu tribe, of which Sunstrider was also a part.

The Ember War

Bulwar fought alongside King Sunstrider throughout the Ember War, always remaining close to his side. When the army of 8,000 marched into Maltai, Bulwar was present alongside Sunstrider, and witnessed his death at the hands of Gorgath. Had Bulwar not rallied the remaining forces of the army as they retreated, the war may well have been lost, however he was able to catch Gorgath by surprise as he turned the army to face the Demon Lord.

In his charge against Gorgath, Bulwar retrieved the blade of the fallen king Sunstrider and threw himself at the Demon Lord, cutting a deep gash through his midsection. Stunned, Gorgath toppled back though the portal that he as erected and it shattered in a great flash of light, officially marking the defeat of the Demon Lord. 

Ascention to the Throne

Following the Ember War, only five of the original twelve tribes remained in Cyrennica, and Bulwar was selected to reign over them as King in a meeting similar to that in which Sunstrider was chosen, though there were no others who wished for his position.

King Bulwar appointed Alemun, a close friend of his own, as his advisor, and so began the age of rebrith. Many of the areas surrounding Cyrennica were repaired and rebuilt, however Maltai and the Dead Peaks were lost, overrun by the minons of Gorgath and Akatan that remained.