Dungeon Realms is set in a land known as Andalucia - it is an enormous world with many types of biome encompassing it, and while vast, much of the land remains unexplored and inaccessible. For a detailed map of Andalucia, visit the Dungeon Realms map, found here. In many cases, the wiki pages for certain locations can be accessed directly from the Minemap page.

Below, you will be able to find pages on a number of notable locations within Andalucia, with information regarding biome, zone type, as well as any relevant lore. Bear in mind that Tutorial Island is not included within this list, however information on it is located here.

Location List

Click on a location name to access the relevant page and information. Areas are split into categories.


The following are designated regions (or zones) within Andalucia. These are marked geographically and by changes in terrain type rather than using regions. Regions are listed in the order they were released.

Peaceful Settlements:

Despite much of Andalucia being dangerous in nature, there still remain a number of safe havens in which adventurers may gain rest and respite. Whilst few and far between, these 'safezones' often contain banks, merchants, and other useful aspects that make them invaluable to the player.

Significant Locations:

In addition to the regions and safezones, there are prominent locations that you as a player should be aware of when venturing across the world of Andalucia. Many of these have gained their reputation from being commonly-frequented Chaotic areas, so caution is advised when approaching them!

Minor Locations:

Finally, there exist a number of locations that you might hear mentioned, and although they are less significant than those mentioned above, the information is still worth knowing.

If you do feel as though there are locations missing from this list, feel free to drop a comment and it will be looked at. Additionally, please do help update and maintain the page linked above.

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