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Dungeon Realms ~ Developer Diary 3 ~ Maltai & The Deadpeaks

Dungeon Realms ~ Developer Diary 3 ~ Maltai & The Deadpeaks

The Maltai and Deadpeaks Developer Diary

City: Maltai
Status: Overtaken by Demons
Tier: 3-5
Zone: Chaotic
Inhabitants: Trolls, Wither Skeletons, Bandits


Written by Lore Developer CountJuno88,

It was the homecity of Sunstrider, Second King of Cyrennica, and his tribe, the Navu. It was mostly a merchant city, but it was more reknown for its arts, architecture, and culture. It was a large city, yet smaller than the Capitol, but the tribes of Maltai considered it to be matched in beauty by none. It was destroyed by the portal summoned by Iridan and, to this day, exists as little more than a smoldering ruin that serves as a spawning ground to all manner of grotesques creatures.


Maltai is located in the heart of Deadpeaks, and has two major places within itself. The outside of Maltai or the sewers is infested with mobs ranging from Tier 3 to Tier 5 Equipment. 

In the first room of the inside of Maltai there is Tier 3 to Tier 4 Elite mobs. Then by the actual throne there is about 10-15 Tier 5 Mobs.


Mobs include Wither Skeleton, Bandit, and Iron Golems. They are a variety of tiers, and reside in many crevices in Maltai. Iron Golems are known to traverse the Mountains enclosing Maltai, and the Wither Skeletons patrol the expansive walls, while the Bandits can take the grounds. The Throne Room is home to an extensive list of powerful foes who prey on the unexpecting adventurer. Advise caution when you go to the Throne Room, it is not easy, and should not be taken lightly.


Maltai is one of the most difficult locations for the powerful foes one will face, so strategies and tactics are essential for a successful raid or attack. The most prominent strategy is to attack maltai as a group, in a guild, and that will bring the most success.

Points of Interest

Some points of interest include the Maltai Sewers, the Maltai Cathedral (Known as one of the hardest Locations in Dungeon Realms), and the many mountains enclosing Maltai. Reaching the Cathedral is a feat in its own, for the reason that you must fight your way through the assortment of mobs who guard the alleyways and Cathedral Entrance.