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Mining was the first profession to be added to Dungeon Realms. Players can purchase a pickaxe from a Skill Trainer, who can be found in various safe locations throughout Andalucia

What is Mining?

Scattered across the lands there are ore veins, which can be mined with a pickaxe of the corresponding tier or higher. Each time you mine an ore, you gain experience. Once you get enough experience, your pickaxe will level up, and your mining success rate increases by 2%, starting at 50% at level 1. Once you reach the next tier of pickaxe, you will have a 100% success rate of mining ores below your tier. Pickaxes upgrade in tier every 20 levels, and they also gain a random buff. There are currently five mine-able ores. Each ore can be traded to merchants for armor scrap and gem pouches.

Ore Tier Experience Exchange Rate Notable Locations
Coal 1 105 1xCoal:2xT1 Plains of Cyrene, Jagged Rocks
Emerald 2 245 1xEmerald:2xT2 Scrap Darkoak Forest, Al Sahra
Iron 3 520 2xIron:1xT3 Scrap Jagged Rocks, Deadpeaks, DreadWood
Diamond 4 855 2xDiamond:1xT4 Scrap Jagged Rocks, Maltai
Gold 5 1055 2xGold:1xT5 Scrap Jagged Rocks, Maltai

Gem Pouches

Alternatively, ores can be traded to merchants to get gem pouches, which let you carry more gems. There are currently four types of pouches, each having a different capacity.

  • Small Gem Pouch - Holds 100 gems. Trade 100 Coal/70 Emerald/40 Iron/35 Diamond/20 Gold to a merchant to get this
  • Medium Gem Pouch - Holds 150 gems. Trade 150 Emerald/100 Iron/80 Diamond/40 Gold to a merchant to get this
  • Large Gem Pouch - Holds 200 gems. Trade 200 Iron/140 Diamond/60 Gold to a merchant to get this
  • Gigantic Gem Pouch - Holds 300 gems. Trade 80 Gold to a merchant to get this


Every 20 levels your pickaxe will either gain a buff or upgrade one. Buffs include:

  • Double Drop - A chance to get two ores from mining one ore
  • Triple Drop - A chance to get three ores from mining one ore
  • Gem Find - A chance get gems from mining an ore
  • Durability - Increases the maximum durability on your pickaxe by a random amount
  • Mining Success - Increases the chance of successfully mining ores

If you trade your pickaxe to the merchant, you will receive each of the enchantments you had on your pickaxe. This means that you can encnant the pickaxe you are using with better enchantments. When upgrading enchantments, the pickaxe will take the best percentage of the enchantment eg, if you have 5% Gem Find and you use a 10% Gem Find, you will end up with 10% Gem Find. A pickaxe can only have 5 enchantments at one time.

Mining Mastery

Once a pickaxe reaches level 100, it will be named "Grand Master Pickaxe" and can no longer be repaired. You then have two options; 1. Use it until it breaks, and turns into a level 1 pickaxe which retains all your old enchantments, or 2. trade it to a merchant for enchant scrolls for each of your enchantments.

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