Nagas are slimy reptilian creatures that make their home in the Dreadwood and Gloomy Hollows. They are often found alongside Spiders and Lizardmen. They are not, however, the same creature as Lizardmen.


Tier 1-3 Nagas can be found scattered throughout Gloomy Hollows and Dreadwood. The Gloomy Hollows village has a large well, at the bottom of which is a cave filled with Tier 1-2 Spiders and Tier 4 Nagas, along with several Diamond Ore and one Gold Ore. Tier 3-5 Nagas can also be found in the Gloomy Hollows' Tree, along with huge amounts of Spiders and Lizardmen. A Mayan-like city filled with Tier 2-3 Nagas lies behind the Gloomy Hollows' Tree.
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Tier 1 naga.