Drbullet.pngManaging your Shop

To setup your shop, sneak-left click.

Shops can be placed by equipping your character journal and sneak-leftclicking at the ground, creating a shop chest. The chest by default is named as your Minecraft Name, but as soon as the shop is placed a prompt will appear requesting you to type a name for your shop.

A personal shop that was renamed to "Cake Shop". It is closed because the name is in red.

Drbullet.pngStocking and Opening Your Shop

My shop, "Cake", with the default number of 9 slots.

To open your shop, Click the grey dye in the far right hand corner of your shop's inventory. This is used to toggle your shop open and closed. Only you can toggle your shop open/closed, when other players try to toggle it it will simply return them with a message, "You can't do that." In the next section you will learn how to upgrade your shop for more slots in order to sell more items. If you would like to close and remove your shop from the world, simply close it using the dye then left click the shop and it will break. Stocking your shop is simple, simply drag the desired item into the shop's inventory and it will display a prompt for you to enter the value (1x) each of the item in gems. For example, I set one Apple to 40 Gems, not like that is the actual price. If someone hovered over the apple they would see:

An apple sold at 40 gems.

Drbullet.pngUpgrading your Shop

Upgrading your shop is very similar to upgrading a bank or any other mechanic in Dungeon Realms; to do so you simply have your character journal in hand and sneak right click your current shop. Like the bank, a prompt will appear with a confirmation code that is randomized for you to enter the value to confirm the upgrade, along with the dimensions for what you're upgrading. 

Shop Upgrade Dimensions:

  • 9 Slots (Default)
  • 18 Slots 
  • 27 Slots
  • 36 Slots
  • 45 Slots
  • 54 Slots
  • 63 Slots
  • 72 Slots
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