The playable world is only a small fraction of the whole map. So far players can only go to seven playable areas known as The Plains of Cyrene, Darkoak ForestJagged Rocks, DeadpeaksAl Sahra, Dreadwood, and Frozen North.  The playable area can be assumed to be located either on the east side of the main continent or on the south western island.

Whole Map

The whole map is what is told to be a massive continent of Andalucia. There are 4 large islands located on the outer area of Andalucia that are unnamed.


Playable area

Andalucia is a crescent-shaped continent. Cyrennica is a relatively small region near its center. On Andalucia's eastern side, there are two large gulfs and one small peninsula, along with one large island and two smaller islands, all unnamed. To the northeast there are two medium sized islands. To the northwest, there are two more medium sized islands. On Andalucia's western side, there are three small peninsulas and three small gulfs. Off of its southwest coast, there is one large island with two small islands near it. There are several mountain ranges, plains, large forests, savannahs, deserts, and other varied landscapes all across Andalucia.

Playable Areas and Map Relation

There are 7 playable areas (as listed above) and have been marked on this map to the right. The red is the outline of the playable area. The two areas marked in purple are Cyrennica and Tutorial Island. Blue is the Frozen North. Green is Dreadwood. Orange is Al Sahra. Yellow is the Plains Of Cyrene. Pink is the Deadpeaks. Light green is the Darkoak Forest. Gray is Jagged Rocks. Below the map is a picture of the block map.
Block map