Potions are a vital part of surviving, and is one of few ways to regain HP. There are 2 diffrent types of Health Potions available in each Tier. One being a Instant Self Heal(Drinkable), the other being a Throwable Team Heal(Splash). Potions are not stackable, meaning they require a inventory spot per potion. This can be frustrating due to the cloging of inventory once you are able to farm for longer periods of time.

Carrying large amounts of pots around with you is a very good idea as they are able to turn around a fight losing to getting the upper hand. It will always be handy carrying pots around, as you are able to heal from nothing to full depending on what tier and amount of pots you have! Meaning you are able to get away from a sticky situation without a scratch!


If you are a Horder and enjoy to keep all of your potions on you but yet are noticing the lack of space you have to carry important Wepons and Gear. Well you can Upgrade your Health Potions to the next teir using a Mercent! 

To upgrade you need to put 5 of the same type of Health Potion(T1 requires 7 to upgrade). E.g. by putting in 5 Major Splash Health Potion, you will obtain a 1 Superior Splash Health Potion as shown.

Pots on merc


Potions have five tiers, like armour and weapons

Potion Name HP Regenerated
Minor Health Potion 10 HP
Minor Splash Health Potion 15 HP
Health Potion 75 HP
Splash Health Potion 40 HP
Major Health Potion 300 HP
Major Splash Health Potion 150 HP
Superior  Health Potion 750 HP
Superior Splash Health Potion 375 HP
Legendary Health Potion 1800 HP
Legendary  Splash Health Potion 900 HP