Professions are one of the non-combat major gameplay mechanics present in Dungeon Realms. Current there are only two available professions available on the server.

Unlike the profession system in many other games, the Dungeon Realms profession system is not based on character-based progression, but gear-based progression (similarly to the armour and weapons system prior to levelling). What this means is that in the mining profession, for example, your pickaxe levels up and increases in proficiency rather than your character. This also means that if you lose your profession tool then your progression is effectively reset. To balance this, profession items (pickaxes/fishing rods etc) follow the same drop system as armour - ie only dropping when the player is chaotic.

Starting a Profession

In order to begin mastering a profession, you must visit the Skill Trainer, located outside the Blacksmith's building in Cyrennica. There, you can purchase a Tier 1 profession item, and subsequently level that item at the relevant resource nodes. Alternatively, if the option is available, you can simply skip the earlier and less-profitable stages by purchasing a higher-level tool from another player.

Available Professions

Information on the currently available professions can be found below:

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