Realm chests

2013-10-11 21.12.04

A basic Realm Chest

Realm chests are special chests that can be used in realms to store items. Realm chests can only be opened by the owner of the realm or a builder inside the realm. Most items can be stored in realm chests, but a few items are "too valuable" to store in realm chests and must be stored in the player's bank. These items are listed below
Valuable items
Any tier of enchantment scroll
Any tier of white scroll
Any tier of armor / weapon
Orbs of alteration

Use and Value

Realm chests are highly valued among players as they can act as portable bank space. They are used to hold potions, food, teleport books, and other necessities that are useful to players while exploring. Thus clearing up inventory space for players to carry other items of value like armor and scraps. They can sell for anywhere between 2000 - 6000 gems on the player market, and can also be found in any loot chest on the map.