Enchantment scrolls are used to upgrade your armor and weapons to increase their stats. Armor scrolls increase health by 5% and hp/s by 5% -OR- energy regen by 1%. Weapon scrolls increase a weapon's base damage by 5%.

When enchanting equipment above +3 it has a chance of failing which will result in your item being destroyed. If you wish you safely enchant your items above +3 you have to get white scrolls to protect from failing.

How to get

Enchantment scrolls can be earned through 2 different method. The first is from loot chests scattered around the map. The higher the tier of mob surrounding the chest the higher chance of getting an enchantment scroll at that tier. All scrolls can be found through loot chests. The second method is through mining ores to earn scrap. Scrap can be traded into the merchant for enchantment scrolls. Each tier of scrap will give you a corresponding enchantment scroll assuming you give the merchant enough scraps to make one. The amounts needed for each scroll are below.

Armor Scraps required Weapon Scraps required
Tier 1 70 leather Tier 1 80 leather
Tier 2 120 chain mail Tier 2 130 chain mail
Tier 3 100 iron Tier 3 110 iron
Tier 4 80 diamond Tier 4 90 diamond
Tier 5 30 gold Tier 5 33 gold

White scrolls

White scrolls are used to protect gear when upgrading them past +3. Using a white scroll on an item will "protect" it should your enchant above +3 fail. This will remove the protection but your gear will not be destroyed. You must add another white scroll to re-protect it if your enchant fails. You can buy white scrolls from the dungeoneer in exchange for portal shards. You can earn portal shards from clearing dungeons. Each tier has it's own white scroll and all of them cost 1500 portal shards of their respective tier. Currently only T1, T3, and T4 have dungeons to give portal shards. Making T2 and T5 white scrolls impossible to obtain.