City: Sebratra

Status: Tripoli Soilder Camp

Tier: Tiers 2 - 4

Zone: Chaotic Zone

Inhabitants: Tripoli Soilders, Lizardmen


There are two structures of great importance located in Sebrata. The underground Catacombs, and the main structure that creates the overground of Sebrata. In the main structure, you will find many lizardmen and Tripoli Soilders, ranging from tiers two to four. You will also find entrances into the catacombs.


Sebrata has mobs from tiers two through tier four. It is mostly known for it's Lizardmen and Tripoli Soilders. It also holds Iron Golems on the mountions, and Skeletons lurking under ground. The lizardmen here travel in packs looking for thier next victims. The Soilders here travel in packs as well, bent on protecting thier territory, even from you. Be wary of where you are walking, as you may find your end to a sneaky lizardman or a swift soldier.


Sebrata is located to the south of the swampy Dreadwood, and to the north of Mure. It's located within the region of Andulucia known as the Savannah. It is surronded by a vast field holding ores you can mine, as well as many Tier twos.


The catacombs of Sebrata are sets of mazes underground, where many brave adventurers have seen thier ends. Within the Catacombs, you will find many rewarding loot chests. You however will also find many challenging skeletons and lizardmen, including elites of thier tiers. There are also traps and dead ends, so watch where you step.


All of Sebrata is a chaotic zone. There are no merchants, or banks. The closest area you can go for these luxuries are Tripoli, which is just to the south east. It is also quite difficult to move between this area and others without being able to go through wilderness zones, meaning become chaotic in this area will trap you in the general area.