Permanent Untradeables can never be destroyed or lost. The pet is what is classified as a "Permanent Untradeable". Many types of pets are planned to be introduced into Dungeon Realms, but currently there has only been 2 pets ever introduced into the actual game, those being the Baby Zombie and the Baby Mooshroom. All pets are purely cosmetic additions and cannot engage in any form of combat. Some have unique characteristics, such as the Baby Zombie, where it will jump on top of another player and sit on their head, as red particles emit. All pets can be named, and they also can be placed back into their egg by right clicking them with their egg. Most pets also have dialogue which is unique to that type of pet.

Baby Zombie

Introduced at the release of Closed Beta, the baby zombie is the Closed Beta subscriber Pet. Only available to Beta Subscribers, even the invite testers will not be able to keep their pet throughout the full release.

Unique Characteristics and Functions:

  • Only available to Beta Subscribers.
  • When right-clicked, like most pets, you will speak with your pet.
  • The baby zombie cannot grow into a regular sized zombie.
  • To rename your pet, simply left click the ground with your egg.
  • To place the zombie, right click with the egg in hand at the ground.

The zombie's prompt when the mouse is hovered over the egg.

Notable Zombie Dialogue:

"Don't put me back in the egg.. please!"

"Get him! Get him! And we'll eat him after!"

"Master, watch out!"

"I'm hungry, give me brainz..."

"Mmmm... chopped bandit meat..."

"I will follow you to death...again..."

"Master, you are a good master."

"Master... where are we goin'?"

"I'm bored..."

"I was a little boy once, in a realm far far away..."

"You summoned me master?"


A summoned baby zombie.

Baby Mooshroom

Released on Valentine's Day, the Baby Mooshroom was sold for $5 and there were a limited stock of 100, only going for about 48 hours. Currently, the baby mooshroom is no longer in the DR store, which marks it as the rarest pet to date. 

Unique Characteristics and Functions:

  • Sold for $5 on Valentine's Day, with a limited stock of 100.
  • Currently no longer available in the store.
  • When two baby mooshrooms came near each other, they would have a particle effect of hearts emit into the air.
  • It was said that if a baby mooshroom stayed outside of its' egg for an extended period of time it would turn into an adult, full-grown pet.
  • Like the baby zombie, the same interactions and functions are possible with the baby mooshroom, excluding their unique dialogue and particle effects.
  • The pet's dialogue was written in commemoration of Valentine's Day.

A summoned baby mooshroom.

Notable Dialogue:

"I bring laughter wherever I go!"

"I love you my master!"

"Mmm... I love you..."

"Yaaay! Finally out of my egg!"

"Love makes the heart grow fonder."


"Love is in the air!"

"Time to leap and play!"

"Violence isn't the answer!"

"Candy and love hearts!"