Swords are one of the five types of weapons in Dungeon Realms and one the three types of melee weapons.


A Tier 4 sword.

They range from Tier 1 to Tier 5.


Swords are the only types of weapons that with it you can parry.  The good thing about parrying is the fact that you can reduce or prevent damage from happening along with reducing knockback.  Swords also use less stamina than axes do.  The sword stat is affected by the attribute vitality.  This attribute also affects the amount of HP you have along with your % to block.  When trading a sword to the merchant you get two scraps of the next tier.  


Like other weapons and armors, swords have specific stats.  These stats can be affected by orbs of alteration and enchantment scrolls.  These stats include-
Sword 2

A Tier 5 sword with the Blind and Critical hit stat on it.

  • Ice - Has a chance to slow the target for a short period of time
  • Blind - Has a chance to blind the target for a short period of time
  • Fire - Sets the target on fire, dealing damage over time
  • Knockback - Has a chance to knock the target back several blocks
  • Lifesteal - Heals the player by a percentage of the damage dealt
  • Critical Hit Chance - Has a chance to deal double damage
  • Poison - Poisons the target, dealing damage over time
  • Accuracy - Negates a percentage of your opponent's block, dodge, and reflect chance