The Bandit Trove (Also see Mayel The Cruel)

The Bandit Trove is located under Stonehenge in the Plains of Cyrene. Surrounded by several elites and "Mitsuki the Dominator" himself, you enter the dungeon by going under the tree and following the tunnel to the bandits lair.


Throughout the dungeon you will find your regular bandit grunts that protect their tresures with their lives. However once killing the "Mad Bandit Pyromancer" who resides in the main cave, you will encounter "Mayel the Cruels" handpicked bandits.

Background Information

The Bandit Trove, is an old abandoned Mining project that was started by King Theologian before the Ember War with Gorgath and was the only direct source of precious minerals that Cyrennica had. Being used greatly to forge weapons for the forming army it has long since been abandoned and covered over. When the "Mayel the Cruel" heard about the wealth of minerals still left unmined he broke open the entrance, cleared all the monsters from the inside, and then eventually made it his hideout. It now houses the largest presence of Bandits that pester the other residents of the Plains of Cyrene

To defeat the dungeon

To be able to defeat the dungeon alone, you must atleast have 1.7k hp if you are not experienced with dungeons. It is recommended to go in teams of 2 or 3. If you are alone, wear atleast some t4 armour. It is recommended not to bring your best sword, instead take one that does up to 50 damage so you don't have to waste money on repairing. Bringing a t1 or t2 weapon with scrap is recommended as the durability won't decrease as much, As well as t1 and t2 being much cheaper to repair than t3, t4, or t5 weapons.

- Was added in patch 1.3.2