The Chief's Glory is a troll stronghold deep inside the Jagged Rocks. Commonly called "castle" by many players, this place has many t3-5 mobs, and is the of the only places to find large amounts of gold ore. The stronghold has many ruins, huts, and guard towers located on the northeastern corner of the Jagged Rocks. There is a path from the Crystalpeak Tower that leads directly to the castle. The main feature of the area is the massive castle, which can be entered from the eastern side that leads to the courtyard, the southwestern tower that leads to the top of the wall, or the northwestern side that leads to the castle's dungeon. This area and everywhere else near it is chaotic.


This area is perhaps the best place to find diamond and gold ores. Along the eastern mountain tops of Jagged Rocks, from Trollingor to The Chief's Glory, there are over a dozen clusters of Diamond Ore and roughly 6-8 clusters of Gold Ore in and around the castle. There are many T2-3 mobs where most of the diamond ore is, which can make mining in this area more difficult. Not only that, but the area is chaotic, so it is best to stay on your guard and be prepared to run back to Trollsbane Tavern or Skullneck if you get into a fight that you can't win. There are four clusters of Gold Ore outside the castle in an area with T3 mobs, and two larger clusters inside the castle walls which are surrounded by T3 and T4 mobs.

Mob farming

The castle is a common place for players to farm T4 and T5 mobs, because it is relatively easy compared to Crystalpeak Tower or Maltai. Most players who farm here enter the castle from the rear, northwestern entrance and lure the mobs into the dungeon. There is only one T5 mob here and one T4 elite, but there are dozens of regular T4 mobs and a few T3 mobs.