In Andalucia, there are several different tiers of weapons and armor. Many of these will come as loot from killing enemies.


There are five tiers of armor and weapons in the game the lowest being Tier 1 while maxing out at Tier 5.

  • Tier 1:  Leather armor, Wooden weapons, Shortbow, Wooden Arrows
  • Tier 2: Chain armor, Stone weapons, Longbow, Stone Arrows
  • Tier 3: Iron armor, Iron weapons, Magic Bow, Magic Arrows
  • Tier 4: Diamond armor, Diamond weapons, Ancient Bows, Ancient Arrows
  • Tier 5: Gold armor, Gold weapons, Legendary Bow, Legendary Arrows

Additional information

All Tiers can be repaired with their respective scraps. Tier one items can be repaired with Leather Scraps, Tier two items can be repaired with Iron Fences, Tier three items can be repaired with Iron (Light Gray Dye) scraps,Tier four can be repaired with Diamond (Light Blue Dye) Scraps, Tier five items can be repaired with Gold (Dandelion Yellow) Scraps.

When first starting the game hunting the bandits of harrison/harridon field can prove quite fruiteful in amassing a fair stock of tier one loot.

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