City: Tripoli
Status: Capital of Al Sahra.
Tier: Tier 1, mostly Tier 2 and 3.
Zone: Safe-Zone
Inhabitants: Lizardmen, Tripoli Soldier.

Tripoli is the main city of Al Sahra, not including the guild territories. It was added during the second Open Beta weekend.


In the town there are four buildings, two of which have distinctive uses. On the north side of the town there is the town bank and restaurant. On the east side there is the blacksmith where you can repair your gear and dispose of waste in the lava. On the south side there is some type of house that does not have a distinctive use other than aesthetics. Then on the west side there seems to be some type of church.


Around this city there are Tripoli Soldiers and Lizardmen. Most of these mobs are either tier 3 or tier 2, although there are some tier 1 mobs relatively close to the area as well. Throughout Tripoli you will find that all of the Lizardmen and Soldiers for the most part travel in groups and prey on innocent victims. You will want to keep a close watch and try to be weary of your surroundings, or you might become dinner for one of the Lizardmen

Outerlying Territories

There are a lot of interesting sights to see near Tripoli including one of the guild areas named Mure which is located northeast of Tripoli. You will likely come across an abundance of ores across the Tripoli landscape, along with a possible run-in with a mine chock full of diamond and other precious commodities. Advise caution when venturing through Tripoli, for if you are not aware, you can be caught offguard unexpectedly.


In the town there is a merchant that is located in front of the town bank and and ender chest located on the left side of the town bank. There is also an anvil located at the town blacksmith. Tripoli has a Tavern which sells its' commodities to all tired adventurers who graze upon its doorstep.

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