Tripoli Soldier
Type Melee/Archer
Allegiance: Armies of Al Sahra
Tier: 2-5
Zones: Al Sahra's wildernesss, Multiple guild bases.


As the Andalucians started to venture off into the world all seemed peaceful, multiple other cities where found. Such as Maltai and Tripoli, however all was not safe. As the great war progressed Tripoli's soldiers seemed to get more corrupt and it was now under siege from the strange forces of the Lizardmen, also known as 'Naga', these forces wanted to conquer the city of tripoli as well as the city of Cyrennica.


The soldiers of Tripoli use weapons similar to bandits, and are armed with swords / bows, or sometimes axes for the brutes. These weapons are the core of any army and so seem the reasonable choice for them.


Tripoli has many plain lands, this is a haven for an archer as it opens up a lot of land for fighting, as there opponents have less cover. Leading a soldier into the plain will open up a vast amount of land for fighting. However an even better, yet harder tactic would be pushing them into the water. Slowing the movement speed.