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Area: Jagged Rocks
Tier: T2-4
Zone: Wilderness
Inhabitants: Trolls

Trollingor is an encampment deep inside Jagged Rocks that is populated by trolls. It is located directly ahead of the Lazy Skeleton Tavern, and has many T2-4 mobs. The main feature of Trollingor is the great wall, which spans between the mountains. Beyond the wall, there are many huts and trolls in and around them. There is a big fire pit deeper inside the camp with skeleton heads all around it, which can be difficult to avoid when dealing with archers. This is a common place for players to farm T3 and T4, since the entire camp is wilderness, but everywhere else in that area is chaotic. On top of the mountain between Trollingor and the Lazy Skeleton, there are several diamond ore nodes which makes this a good place to farm mobs and mine.