Trollsbane Tavern
Trollsbane tavern
Area: Jagged Rocks
Tier: Wolves
Zone: Safe-Zone
Inhabitants: Workers

Trollsbane Tavern or The Lazy Skeleton Tavern is a small Safe-Zone deep inside Jagged Rocks. It is very near the Crystalpeak Tower, Castle, and Trollingor, which are all common places for players to farm/raid. The teleport scroll "Trollsbane Tavern" teleports here. The tavern has no bank or anvil, but does have a merchant. Players looking to raid the tower or castle often meet up here. The tavern has many skulls and fires, and appears to have seen many battles. There are fires all over the tavern, and a big hole from being hit by a catapult. Behind the tavern there are horse stables. The Crystalpeak Tower can be seen over the mountain behind the tavern, and further in that direction is the castle. Both places contain T4-5 mobs and are very popular farming spots. In front of the tavern is Trollingor, which has many T2-4 mobs. Trollingor is also a wilderness zone, and is a common place to find players farming T4.