Varenglade Dungeon is a hard and challenging arena where up to 8 players may try to tackle the horrors within.

most people attempt the dungeon because the boss at the end has very overpowered teir 3 weaponry and armour, the name of the boss is burick the fanatic and when a group of players kill him a chat bubble appears saying 'The Corrupt Unholy Priest Burick The Fanatic has ben slain by a group of adventureres<player name>'

Enemys within

Upon entering, you will face a small wave of several Tier 2 Skeletons, this may fool people into letting their guard down, for a very small way after this, the dungeon turns and the rest is protected by Tier 3 Acolyte and Acolyte Warriors, even a  few T3 Elites that should not be taken lightly if you have below 2,000 HP.